An almost true life scenario

Picture the Scene

A natural disaster is engulfing your surrounding area and you have only a few minutes to leave your home. What three things would you want to rescue or keep? An intriguing question? I would definitely say so.  Your answer will enable you to determine whether you have a cluttered life, or not. Here is an almost true life scenario

For some people in the Southern Peninsula in Cape Town this week, this was their reality, as fire engulfed their homes. Devastating beyond words as they fled with whatever they could and sought refuge. Their lives have now inextricably changed forever.

Almost True Life Scenario

I was asked what three things I would take by Denise on my Advanced Soul Coaching Training in January.  I answered: my passport, our cats and documentation. Ok, so I had made an assumption my family made it out the door with me.  Interestingly this week I was faced with this and feel fortunate it wasn’t necessary. What did I get ready to take? Our passports, our cats (cat boxes at the ready) and our important documentation. Realistically if I had more time I would also grab my Mac Mini.  So much work on there!

Why is it so important to recognise how you deal with clutter? From a spiritual perspective, letting go of physical ‘stuff’ equates with letting go of emotional blockages and barriers in your life. It’s about what is bubbling under the surface and can manifest itself in some regular behaviours. Frustration, stuckness, overwhelm, negative patterns in relationships, and so much more.

Do you hold onto clutter for any of these reasons?:

  1. You feel secure and it gives you a sense of security.
  2. It makes you feel validated and gives you a sense of self worth.
  3. It anchors you to something in your past.
  4. Provides you with comfort.

Obviously there are more, however you can get the gist from this. I can almost guarantee you can relate to at least one of these.

What was gleaned from my answer? That I am not really attached to physical stuff and quite honestly it can always be replaced. I must just say that since I have got back from my training I have deleted clutter from my Mac. Documents, photographs and over 10,000 emails! I feel incredible. So although my home may not be full of stuff that isn’t loved or used I had been storing it electronically.  No more!

Why is it important to clear clutter?

It absolutely affects your life-force energy throughout your home and your life. If you walk into your home and feel dragged down and tired, then it is likely you have stuff in there that is dragging you down. If you feel emotionally drained when you walk past a certain item in your home then check in with yourself as to why. Does it hold memories that you would rather forget? Is it time to let it go?

I have 3 programs that look at the clutter in your world.

If you would like further information about any of these programs please do drop me a line and I will gladly discuss a way forward with you.

May you have a blessed and safe month. I know that tonight I am definitely sleeping easier.

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