Being too specific with how to achieve goals

A number of clients as well as some friends, have spoken about a similar theme in recent weeks. It’s that of being frustrated when their goals do not materialise quickly enough.

Our Unintentional Error

Back in the day when I was single and looking forward to meeting ‘the one’, I chatted to a wonderful friend of mine who said to me the biggest error we make is being too specific in our wants. You see this can actually backfire on us and mostly it does.

I know of a number of people who have lists of criteria for the partner, the job, … add in the blank. What would happen if you were to set your goal (always good to know where you want to end up) and then let God, the Universe, your Higher Self or whomever you believe in, work out the rest? Here’s the thing though. Your goal won’t just appear while you sit at home watching TV. You need to give destiny something to work with!

A Different Way to Behave

Here is my suggestion. Once you have worked out your goals, take a look at what starts showing up for you in the way of signs. The big mistake is to dismiss these, which we tend to do, as your logical mind can’t see how it will take it towards your goal. Discernment is required here obviously to not go too off track, however dropping the rigidity may just get you to where you want to be and in a way that you could never have expected.

Being Abundantly Happy!

Often our soul/spirit knows more about where we need to be and what to experience in this lifetime, than our conscious mind does. You know you want to be abundantly happy, right? So get clear on who you are, what you believe you want to be doing in life and what your values are. Then set your goals. Once that is done, live your life as best you can. Look at each opportunity that comes your way and maybe take the chance on doing something that you would have previously dismissed. You maybe pleasantly surprised and get to your goal a lot quicker!

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