What is toxicity?


Are you struggling with low energy, is your immune system low or are you generally feeling blah? Then take a look at these thoughts around detoxing.

Something that has been in my world for quite a while now is the topic of toxicity. It is only recently that I recognised that the forms of toxicity should not be resolved in isolation of one another.

I have been on a quest to detox my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical toxins for a number of years, and obviously at times this is stronger than at others. So, what does toxicity mean and how do we detox ourselves? Here are some forms of toxicity and please understand, this is the tip of the iceberg.

Food Detox

When we hear the word detox we immediately jump to the food we ingest. Of course, this is a major factor and one that we have control of. Getting our internal organs to work properly is no easy task and for me that has meant visiting a brilliant Iridologist (Pieter Van Der Westhuyzen) who advised me to eliminate sugars and wheat for a month, and to permanently eliminate caffeine from my diet. One of my favourite foods is fresh bread (a big no-no) and I am a Brit so love my tea. Alas they have had to go. Deleting tea over 6 months ago has removed my headaches, so I am happy to stick with that. And now that I have not had wheat for two weeks, I am not missing it that much, although eating out doesn’t seem so much fun! My goal is to get the inside of my body to work properly so that it can move away from acidity to alkalinity (another huge topic) and to absorb the correct nutrients and let go of the rest. This isn’t something I will be doing for only a few weeks.  This needs to be permanent.

Mental Detox

Mental detoxing means observing our thoughts and processes. We are bombarded with stuff to think about daily (both our own and other people’s), and we can choose which we want to do something with or not. If it is going to enrich your life, then hang on to it and if it isn’t then ask yourself this question – why are you wasting your energy? Wouldn’t it be worth finding something else to direct your thoughts onto that creates something positive in your life? By the way, decluttering your surroundings also clears your mind. Give it a go. You may just find your life and internal being, a lot more organised.

Emotional Detox

Emotional detoxing is a biggie. The older we get the more emotional baggage we create for ourselves. And letting it go just doesn’t seem to be that simple. And why should you let it go? After all, it is part of your life experience, no? Well actually if it really isn’t serving you then maybe it’s worth looking at it again and deciding if sticking with the emotion really is worth it.

Anger seems to pop up regularly in my coaching sessions with clients and guess what? The only person that experiences your anger in its most potent form is you! Your unconscious mind is listening all the time and your body is checking-in too. What do you think that does to you? I would say not much of anything positive could occur. The by-product of your anger is then directed at your loved one’s which doesn’t really seem fair. Something that you haven’t been able to let go of and in all likelihood, they were never part of in the first place. Are you able to forgive yourself for being angry or if something was done to you can you forgive that person? If you can this will mean your life can move forward and you are in charge. This isn’t always a simple process so getting help from a professional is often necessary.

Spiritual Detox

Spiritual detoxing for me is looking at your relationship with your inner self and of that otherworldly aspect. For example, have you accepted all of who you are, both your light and your shadow? The shadow part of us is that which you don’t particularly like about yourself and it usually shows up when you point it out in others. After all, how can you notice someone else’s faults if you have embraced them within you? Not an easy subject I know. A lovely way of looking at this is when you pass judgement on someone, say to yourself, “Just like me”. You will soon notice you become less judgemental and more compassionate. In time you will come to love and honour yourself in all your glory.

And for me as far as spirituality is concerned? I really try to live my life in the best way that I can. Kindness, compassion, and love aren’t just reserved for special days. It means every day. And no, I don’t get it right all the time by any means.

Physical Detox

This is not my most favourite, so I have to kid myself to get exercise!  Moving your body is essential to get rid of toxins in the body and for all-round physical well-being.  So how do I do it? I walk and make sure I have a wonderful experience (not difficult living in Hout Bay in Cape Town). If we are going for a bicycle ride, then I like to have a destination and feel like I am riding for fun and not for exercise. Somehow this works for me.  And if you can’t do either of those then invest in a Rebounder.  An all-over body workout as you watch your favourite TV program!

Make Positive Changes

Sadly, we are bombarded with all sorts of toxins from our environment which we seemingly have little or no control over – pesticides, radiation, and fumes, to name a few. Be aware and do what you can to make good choices for yourself, your family, your friends, your pets and all life on this planet.

Take responsibility and be accountable in all that you think, do, say and feel and you will go a long way in positively changing your world and those around you.  And if you are struggling with any of these aspects, please find someone that can support you. A health practitioner is a good start for physical detoxing.

Anywhere in the World?

If you want to really take a leap and clear the major areas of your life so you can really blossom, then look at my 28-Day which can be done in person or over Zoom. It really is phenomenal. And I am not just saying that. Many others have said it too!

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